Correos reinvents parcel delivery and courier services for internet age



Very rarely you see postal services reinventing the lost pulse of its service. Here comes a difference with Correos of Spain has become the first postal service to reinvent its parcel delivery service, keeping the growing recognition of cross-border shipments and e-commerce.

They have achieved this under the leadership of Angel Agudo San Emeterio, who has been appointed as the new president of the company. The new venture will be having the banner name of Paqueteria 360 grados, meaning Parcel 360-degree.

The company will be focussing only express parcel deliveries, courier services ,e-commerce and international packages. The concept envisaged a solution of everyone’s need, which includes small and medium businesses, foreign students and immigrants and electronic dealers and merchants.

The strategy of the company gives predominant consideration to urgent parcel  delivery options, courier services, e-commerce and well efficient return systems. The company official stated that the service offered by them has become a talk of the city.  The Chronoexpres offers the delivery with semi priority and priority options, which posses a great flexibility. Multichrono, the trunkey mail service of the company ensures development and handling along with the parcel delivery of goods.

The company presents themselves as the provider of an integrated and fast communication solution, which are required in the market. “It is all about the company which is carrying out 18 million shipments per day with having around 60,000 experts to execute the service.”

To make it more attractive the Correos have organised a contest for designers, asking the designer to come up with designs for the boxes. Winners will win around 2000 Euro as a prize. The winner will be selected from 260 designers, who have submitted around 529 proposals.

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