Hermes Germany starts new small parcel delivery service


Hermes Germany

Hermes Germany starts new small parcel delivery service

Keeping pace with competitors and the growing demands of the customers Hermes Logistics Group,based in Germany has commenced a new scheme, which envisages flat-rate delivery service for small products.

New service Packchen, meaning package was made available the other day. This is the first initiative of the company which has got the history of not venturing into customer to customer shipments. Under the new service the company offers two or three day delivery of the packages that are up to 37 centimetres in length and 25 kilograms in weight.

Cost is confined to Euro 3.80 when the order is being placed online or Euro 4 for the product that are sent through Hermes’ PacketShop store. Keeping the scope for online retail segment in mind, the new service has got insurance and tracking, while undelivered package will be sent to the recipient four times, before it is officially being declared undelivered.

With the new system, Hermes Germany is said to have become the only firm providing reasonable delivery service for small packages.

However, this service would have all the security and convenience that the others providing. Chief Executive of Hermes Germany Frank Iden said that they have taken all steps to ensure the security of the packages and convenience of the customers.

“The company is liable for the packages that worth up to Euro 50. Though small and inexpensive items are being placed under this new service, a study initiated by us to  know about the market trends and customer perception proved that security for their package is important, so we are bound to provide what the customer is looking for,” he said.

He said that tracking system has been made available through the company website, while the policy of making around four attempts to deliver the package will ensure that customer will not miss the package at one attempt.


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