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DPD opens sustainable parcel delivery hub in The Netherlands



Parcel delivery company DPD opened a distribution point in the Netherlands, which is capable of delivering 12000 packages every day. This facility at Veenendaal is designed by keeping durability in mind, like carbon free offices and they will be using 1500 latest sorting machines from Vanderlande company.

This will become a centrally located transfer area for the Netherlands which will be incorporating recent happenings of the depot in Ede, that has grown continuously in the field of parcel volume.

Michael van Ooijen, chief executive, Parcel delivery company DPD Netherlands told that besides the development of our distribution unit we need more capacity to transfer. So this hub was decided to transfer to Veenendaal.

The office of Parcel delivery company DPD, Netherland in Best situated at North Brabant will be company’s international transfer point. It will have 11000 sm of space and in addition 1300 sm of office space. Both will be having designs apt for energy efficiency.

The Crossorter 1500 machine also focus on energy conservation, which allows processing of mixed movement of large and small parcels, 2 and 3 at a second.

With the help of this system Parcel delivery company DPD is hoping to improve the performance along with cost cutting and environmental effect, told Michiel Peters, chief executive and president of Vandelande. The new hub has the ability to be expanded easily, with extra capacity for loading much smaller parcels

Parcel Delivery Service that delivers an instant 315 bill



Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator at Surrey police has sent me a warning regarding the leaf letter distributed by certain people in the name of a parcel delivery company. The leaf letter suggested that the parcel delivery company named Parcel Delivery Service is not able to deliver the parcel and directed the residents to contact them on a number, which is identified as premium rate number.

When somebody makes a call to this number, it would be costing around 315 pounds for a call. It is later identified that it is being originated from Belize.

It was found that premium rate telephone service regulator in UK PhonepayPlus has brought this scam into light. It happened in 2005, when the chain email scam originated and subsequently PhonepayPlus barred the number and fined the company, which was based in Belize.

PhonepayPlus has directed the customers not to forward the leaf letter or email, if received. If you feel that something is fishy in all affairs, you can inform PhonepayPlus on 0800500212 between 9 am to 5 pm on any days between Monday and Friday.

The fast fashion route to your door

Aurora chain

Aurora chain

Are you tired of waiting in long queue to get your favourite costumes or gadgets? Here comes the best way to change your conventional shopping format. For 10 pounds you will get your items delivered at home instead of waiting in queue for a long time.

The service is offered by Oasis Warehouse and Coast and Karen Millen. This new service, which is expected to bring a revolution in the shopping methods, is targeting those residing in London and do not have enough time for them to spend for shopping. The initiative is expected to take off ahead of Christmas.

Aurora chain multi channel Dierctor Hash Ladha says: “This scheme is launched keeping in mind that the customers would like to buy the products in a fast manner. It takes only one-and.-a-half hours to get their favourite one.”

Aurora chain is basically depending up on courier services company named Shutl and Eagle Eye Solution, a software firm to execute this service. The courier services company, which is having the reputation of providing similar schemes to the customers of Argos, has been directed to pick up the selected product from the nearest showroom of the customers’ area. This brings down the time of delivery.

Warehouse and Oasis have gone much ahead of Aurora in this service. Shoppers of the net-A-porter have the flexibility of choosing their selected products delivered on the same day before 8 pm, while the shoppers of Topshop will have to have more patience as their delivery used to be made next day after the order is being placed.

Though efforts are being made to speed up the parcel delivery, it is clear that the retailers have to travel a long way to reach their goal of next moment delivery. “We have made our fastest delivery in 15 minutes,” said Ladha.

That was just an exceptional one, as the parcel delivery depends up on lots of aspects like traffic and the distance between nearest store and the customer’s residents.

dhl partnership with telefonica

Telefonica UK

Telefonica UK

The DHL supply chain has enlarged its relationship with Telefonica UK, communication Operator, which is known for using O2 as its brand in Business.  It has been decided that henceforth, DHL will provide repair service and claim assessment to O2 insure, a division taking care of insurance that are offered under the O2 brand by Telefonica.

Telefonica will be getting the support from DHL for various ranges of services. The firms will be working together with the in-house repair specialist of mobile device in order to ensure the reach of mobile phone repair services and claim assessment.

This would ensure the reach of service on faulty handset and an insure which enables a rapid diagnosis. This indicates the new high tier handset gets less reliance and end users getting the highest level of handset availability.

The logistic company will be using its stock in warehouse to complete the insurance claims. This would literally reduce the total time to complete the claim by days, as the customers need not wait in long queues to receive the replacement, which will be sent from the manufacturer.

The collect and inspect service is proving out to be too good, as it has considerably brought down the invalid claims, besides providing users the choice of collecting and delivery option with automatic e-mail or text updates, which will keep the customer informed about the claim throughout the process.

DHL through an established business relationship will ensure more reliable and cost effective source of devises, which allows the O2 insure to come up with an offer that features lower cost insurance to its customers. This has given a handsome savings to O2 insure, while this can also be used as a potential platform to come up with new products.

DHL, which has been a associating with Telefonica UK Supply Chain for the last decade has entered into an agreement with the company to extend its partnership to 2014.

Delivery driver kept 40 parcels

parcel delivery

parcel delivery

The driver of a parcel van who was caught with 40 packets in the boot space of his vehicle was given a prison punishment as he could not do free community work. Singh, who was 28 year old, was asked to do free community work  of240 hours  for doing theft as a servant.

But he could do only 59 hours. The magistrate’s court announced that he failed to deliver items when he was doing work as a delivery contractor.

As per the customer’s complaint that they are not receiving the parcels, a search was done on his vehicle and found 2 opened and 40 sealed packets hidden in the boot space. Mark Morrow, Magistrate, renewed the order for community service today as Singh was affected with a bad eye and bad back. He was suspended soon and then sentenced for 4 months of jail.