Cheap Courier services
If a customer looking forward to transporting an item which is heavy or having an irregular shape, they search for cheap courier services rather than going for an expensive parcel delivery company like DHL, UPS, etc. If the item is weighing more than 20 kgs then the price for transporting the parcel with the help of regular transport networks will be unaffordable. The best alternative solution for this is to look for something like an owner driven courier services which supposed to give highly competitive prices. With the advancement of online business, 'Man and van' self-employed transport business are available lot in the market for this kind of parcel delivery solutions. With the extensive use of the internet, owner- driven courier service is very popular in the UK. These self- employed small courier services captured a major share of the UK courier industry. Most of them give cheap and economic delivery prices for the customers who look forward to transporting items, which are heavy or large, which is expensive to handle by high street transport networks like DHL or UPS. These 'Man and van' courier services extensively use the delivery auction websites like to find courier jobs for their business. Marketplace like eBay generated a large requirement for the 'Man and van' type courier services for the customers who are looking for a cheaper parcel delivery. Delivery auction and price comparison site like made a great revolution in the market and as a result the delivery prices for the parcel delivery are slashed down. Small and medium-sized transport companies get a large number of courier jobs from the sites like As these transport providers get a large volume of jobs, the customers will benefit by getting a cheaper price. Thanks for the advancement of online and internet technology. The working of delivery auction site auctigo is very simple. The customers who want to transport a certain item have to publish the details of their consignment with maximum possible details on the auctigo. The listing is completely free and there is no obligation. This detail is then circulated among the large number of transport providers who already registered with auctigo. Many of these UK couriers will be traveling on the same route which you are planning to deliver the parcel. Many cases these freight companies travel with empty or part load. They are looking for additional courier jobs to fill their vehicles. So they bid on your consignment on a reverse auction format. Out of the hundreds bids you receive, you can choose the most appropriate after analysing the factors like price, and the feedback left by the previous customers. So instead of skimming through the yellow pages or some other directory and making a number of phone calls to many couriers and getting prices, the best solution is to make a free listing of the parcel delivery on auctigo and choose a most suitable quote.