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A courier is a company or a person who delivers mail or packages. Couriers are characterized by features like security, speed, signature and tracking. Being a premium service, they are expensive than ordinary mails and use is restricted to parcels where some features are important to warrant the charge.
They operate from different countries and do global service. DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS are some largest companies in courier field. Horseback riders and homing pigeons were ancient time couriers. In cities we get our delivery through a two-wheeler courier service but for heavy consignments and long distances trucks, aircraft or railways are carriers.
Some companies have on-board couriers who can travel wherever in the world in a short notice mostly through commercial planes. This service along with the charter courier service are costly affairs. The demand for an alternative courier with all -in-one facility is going on.
Operating through contractors selected after the screen test and checks are latest improvements. In London taxi drivers have established a separate wing for courier delivery. TNT, DHL and UPS like great companies have divisions in the UK. Major dealing of courier service in the UK is managed by local companies only who guarantee a next day delivery in cheaper rates.
Electronic era has brought drastic changes in courier industry also. In last 5 years revenues from documentation got decreased by 50% and customers have grown more demanding. Royal Mail with its higher rate and decreased public demand is no more popular in the UK.
Courier industry played a major role in the US market and was involved in the history of nations like a gold rush and westward migration. Major courier companies in US are DHL, UPS and FedEx and it generates almost $59 billions in a year. Malaysia is having a younger courier industry. In 1979 City-Link Express started first courier service in Malaysia