Courier Services
courier services
A courier services is a firm or an individual who transports and delivers messages, parcels, goods, etc.These are economical replacements for expensive transport companies. The best transport solution for shipping heavy and big goods is by taking the service of courier companies rather than using the normal parcel delivery firms. Common transport networks are more expensive than the courier firms. Shipping fragile or breakable goods using dedicated courier services are advisable because major parcel delivery companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, and Aramex handle their shipment more than an average of 12 times before it is being delivered to the addressee. More manual or machine handling of goods, will cause a greater chance of spoiling the shipment. Most of the couriers act as a dedicated service which will collect the parcel and deliver at the desired address. This will give more personalized handling of the item. Whenever you are sending a parcel by a courier, necessary steps are to be taken to do suitable packaging of the parcel. Proper packaging protects the item from damaging during the transit. At auctigo, we have thousands of courier services registered. Whenever a person wants a cheap transport solution for delivering a large heavy item or any other parcel. The party looking for the transport solution has to make a no obligation free listing on Auctigo.The large number of courier services will check your transport requirements. Most of these companies will be making a trip on the desired route with an empty or part load. So this transport firm will be looking forward to filling their vehicle with additional shipments. These companies then make a bid for the shipment on a reverse auction format. Owner of the listing can then receive hundreds of no obligation quotes. Choose the best bid depends on criterias like feedbacks left by the previous satisfied customers, the prices quoted and the delivery time and dates. If you are flexible with delivery and collection dates, the quotes will be more competitive and cheap. For the transport cases where a party wants to ship items, which cannot be packed like furniture, garden gym equipments, customers have to inform courier services in advance. In addition, parcel owner has to make sure that courier services, and parcel delivery company will hold the vehicle insurance and goods in transit insurance. Before signing and receiving the parcel, make sure that the condition of the parcel delivered is without any damage.