eBay courier

Each day volume of listing on eBay is in the thousands. An eBay courier is a courier service that has specialized in eBay parcel delivery. These companies mainly take eBay transportation business only. From a recent study, the number of collection only items listed on eBay UK is about 912 634. This does not mean people who cannot reach this actual location cannot bid for this? The situation has changed and no need for the actual bidder to go physically to collect the won item. There is thousands of Man and van or self-employed courier services or other medium-sized parcel delivery companies that specialize in eBay transportation. The service of these companies can be obtained from delivery auction websites like Auctigo.com. Finding a cheaper and economical courier suits the requirement is very easy. Thanks for Auctigo. Where we have a network of thousands of specialized eBay transportation companies registered. Choosing the best eBay courier from the user friendly Auctigo website is very easy. As a first step makes a free and no obligation listing of the eBay item on Auctigo website. The listing is very easy, manually uploading the parcel delivery details or auctigo will fetch the details of the corresponding eBay item just by submitting the seller id and the item id. Everything is very easy and user friendly. Once the detail of the eBay parcel delivery is published it is being circulated among the thousands of eBay courier services registered with Auctigo. If you are flexible with your collection and delivery dates, you will get more competitive quotes. Drivers who are already travelling on the route in which your listing is to be transported will compete to win this delivery. These drivers will be looking for additional load for their vans. So the completion is high, and the customer will benefit from a cheaper price. This is also a great benefit to the environment as we are using the existing space of a van running with an empty or part load, it will save a great amount of Co2 and also reduce the traffic congestion. Out of the number of bids received, the best bid can be selected by checking the price and the feedback score against each courier service. To avoid unnecessary marketing calls the contact details of the Lister are kept in confidence, and it is revealed to the concerned transport provider only after the bid is complete. Finally please donít confuse that Auctigo is doing only the eBay courier services; we are also specialized in all other kinds of parcel delivery.