Courier Services
European Transport and Delivery Services
Because of the large geographical area moving or delivering parcels across Europe is often very costly. These days many from UK, move to places like Spain, Portugal, etc. Moving furniture or other household stuffs are hard and massively expensive. However, Auctigo came up with an economical solution to this problem. Auctigo has hundreds of parcel delivery and courier services registered. Whenever you want to move anything across Europe or locally, details of the delivery has to be listed on Auctigo. Your listing is then circulated among our network of transport companies. Most of the freight companies will be running on the same route which you are planning to transport the parcel with an empty or part load. So you these parcel delivery companies will compete for your consignment. You can choose the best quote depends on the price and reliability of the courier services. The reliability can be measured by the feedback score given by our valuable customers. The price you get from the auctigo is 75% less than hiring a transport company directly. If you are not rigid with delivery and pick up times, then you get even cheaper delivery rate. Most of the case these transport companies use the unused space on their vehicle to fill these loads. This will be a great support to reduce the amount of co2 emission.